Our professional cleaning is the key for a fresh and organized property!

Make your

moving process easier with the top 4 benefits of our cleaning service!

Qualified professionals

Our team has years of experience in the business and have provided many sincere, satisfying results to all our customers.

Time saving

You can waste your precious free time to worry about more important things while we clean each corner of your house with quality and precision.


Organizing your belongings can mess with your allergies, that is why we take care of everything with care and attention. This way, you can have peace of mind regarding the belongings which will be donated or thrown away.

Peaceful moving

By choosing our cleaning service, you can relax during your moving, since we will take care of every detail.

Check out honest opinions of our customers:

The moment to relax and enjoy the benefits of our cleaning!

Our team performs an extraordinary cleaning in your new home and in your previous property to eliminate absolutely all dirt or dust and make everything shine!

This will give you peace of mind to pack and continue your moving. Our team makes sure that you have the guarantee of being greeted by a clean and good smelling home.


Fernanda Sampaio pena
✨Expertise and excellence in flawless projects!
🧼Taking care of every detail for 5 years.
📍East Boston, MA.


Get to know the successful story of the majestic company from East Boston!

Royal House Cleaning Services has been in the residential and commercial cleaning industry since 2018 in Boston, MA and the surrounding area.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a superior cleaning experience, this is why we transform your spaces into clean and safe places where you, your family, your customers, and employees can enjoy harmonious and productive days.

We are ready to listen to your needs and customize our services according to your individual preferences. When you choose to work with us, you choose a partner who is committed to delivering exceptional results to you.


Our cleaning team has more than 5 years of combined experience to make sure we get the job done right.

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